MSD ORS Phase II Gate Replacement

A system of levees, floodwalls and pump stations along the Mississippi River in St. Louis protect the City from river flooding, but at the same time facilitate the need for storm water to be pumped out of the City sewer systems.  KCI was deemed the best value to replace a small portion of this system, and in 2020 began design to replace 12 stainless steel roller gates, 5 slide gates, and 2 bar screens at the Riverview and Baden Pump Stations in North St. Louis.  Work included structure reinforcing, replacement of 21 gate actuators, and coordination with volatile river levels…

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St. Peters Pump Station No. 3

An aging pump station in Old Town St. Peters struggled to keep up with storm water that flowed to this low point in the City, so in 2016 the City designed and awarded the project to replace the pump station with a larger version.  KCI shored and excavated around two-6 foot diameter concrete storm pipes, incorporated them into the next structure, and then removed sections of them so that all storm water was captured at the new station and pumped over the levee into Dardenne Creek.

Deer Creek Pump Station

Construction of 1 Wet Well and 2 Dry Wells, each 180 feet deep and 36 foot diameter, inside shafts drilled and shotcreted by others, to facilitate pumping storm and sanitary flows. Dry Well and Wet Well Buildings top the 3 shafts, with associated electrical, mechanical systems and controls for a new pump station site in Shrewsbury, MO.

Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant Disinfection

In order to comply with Federal Regulations regarding the quality of water that is discharged after treatment at a wastewater plant, MSD was required to construct this plant addition, with KCI winning the competitive bid. One of the largest systems in the area, this upgrade needed to have the ability to treat a peak flow of 240 Million Gallons per Day of wastewater. The project scope included a 2,200 sf Chlorination Building, a 23,000 sf UV & Disinfection Facility, and installation of 144″ diameter Prestressed Concrete Pipe to connect the new UV Facility to existing junction chambers. The new UV…

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Taum Sauk Pump Back Modifications

When the Taum Sauk Reservoir was rebuilt after dam failure, it was constructed of roller compacted concrete that was capped with traditional cast-in-place concrete. Periodic joints allowed for expansion and contraction, and were designed to leak until calcium content from the water sealed the joints. The water was routed to a holding basin and pumped out periodically, but during heavy rains the basin flowed into the Ozark Mountains. The high calcium content of this water was bad for the environment, so Federal Regulators required Ameren to contain the water, which was the scope of this project. KCI connected to two…

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Columbia Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

The expansion of the Columbia Wastewater Treatment Plant was to achieve many goals: Increase capacity from 13 MGD to 26 MGD, Upgrade the existing outdated facility & processes, Increase Biosolids-Handling capabilities and Provide better odor control. All were achieved while also adding energy efficiency to the plant and reduce consumption: Solids are now further dewatered, reducing local truck traffic through adjacent neighborhoods; New methane gas cleaning system and associated heat and power system is 26% more efficient; High efficiency blowers installed reduces annual energy consumption by 26%. The expanded plant includes four Clarifiers, two Aeration Basins, two Pump Stations, a…

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Cape Girardeau Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City of Cape Girardeau was outgrowing the wastewater plant built in 1962, and due to sinkholes that developed in the area of the existing plant, expansion was not feasible. In July 2012, KCI was the low bidder on the new plant and began construction in August 2012 on the plant with capacity of 11 Million Gallons per Day during dry weather and 50 MGD during wet weather. The new facility includes a 40 foot deep Influent Pump Station, Screening and Grit Removal operations, and a 250 foot square Sequencing Batch Reactor, UV Disinfection, Sludge Storage and Processing facility, and…

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MU Power Plant Cooling Tower Replacement & 480V SUS Replacement

In order to accommodate a new cooling tower and electrical upgrades within the existing power plant, both of the major upgrades were broken down into five phases of work. Cooling tower work consisted of relocation of site utilities and parking lot, followed by building the cooling tower foundation, which bears on drilled piers and substantial grade beams to allow it to remain in place should all subgrade material disappear. After the new cooling tower was built by others, the four existing cooling towers were demolished in four phases off the 100 foot tall power plant roof. While the cooling tower…

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Washington Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

In order to facilitate the forward thinking of the City of Washington, Missouri, officials gained public support for bonds to fund the largest public works project in the city’s history, with KCI winning the bid for the construction. The plant is classified as a “compact plant” because the plant footprint is fairly small compared to other facilities. Due to the need to treat 4 MGD and eventually 6 MGD on a restricted site, the plant was designed as a Vertical Loop Reactor system which was the first of its kind built in Missouri. Additionally, the new plant includes a “cannibal”…

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Creve Coeur Pump Station

An aging pump station needed replacement due to general deterioration and because it was undersized for future growth in the area. The new pump station, situated on the same site as the existing station, was a few hundred feet from Creve Coeur Lake and at 40 feet deep is approximately 30 feet below the water table. KCI developed a sheetpile shoring system with internal walers and tie-backs, and coupled that with a dewatering system utilizing 14 deep wells that ran around the clock for ten weeks. After sheetpile installation, the entire site was vibrocompated prior to excavation, and the pump…

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Holcim Mill & Corrective Additives Foundations

The new cement plant along the Mississippi River in Ste. Genevieve was developed on a 1,700 acre site to ultimately produce four million metric tons of cement annually. KCI was selected to construct the first concrete package consisting of foundations for the Clinker Cooler Structure, four Cement Mills, two Raw Mills and two Coal Mills. All of these structures were excavated into solid rock and constructed with over 19,000 cubic yards of concrete and 1,400 tons of rebar, over an approximate 9 month duration with over 100 KCI tradesmen on site at one time. Additionally, KCI installed the equipment foundations…

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Palm Sewer Replacement

An arched concrete sewer built in 1930 was in need of replacement after numerous repairs throughout the years were also failing. KCI was the successful low bidder on the project to replace this sewer with a new 18′-0″ by 14′-4″ reinforced concrete arch sewer, located at the Terminus of Branch Street on the West Bank of the Mississippi River in north St. Louis. The project schedule required completion within two years, as work was dependent on the river being below stage 10, which historically only happens a few months each year. Construction started with temporary shoring installation, excavation and demolition…

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Lower Meramec Lift Station

It isn’t uncommon to build a 20-story structure in St. Louis. It is uncommon to END at grade instead of beginning there. KCI did just that, building two concrete shafts to over 200 feet below grade to pump to a new wastewater treatment plant. This unique project offered constructability and scheduling problems, but also included safety challenges involved in deep, vertical construction. All access for construction was from the “top”, with all workers being hoisted to their work elevations via cranes and man baskets, at one point requiring 13 cranes around a single 90-foot diameter shaft. “We thank KCI for…

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