MU Power Plant Cooling Tower Replacement & 480V SUS Replacement

In order to accommodate a new cooling tower and electrical upgrades within the existing power plant, both of the major upgrades were broken down into five phases of work. Cooling tower work consisted of relocation of site utilities and parking lot, followed by building the cooling tower foundation, which bears on drilled piers and substantial grade beams to allow it to remain in place should all subgrade material disappear. After the new cooling tower was built by others, the four existing cooling towers were demolished in four phases off the 100 foot tall power plant roof. While the cooling tower…

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Washington Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

In order to facilitate the forward thinking of the City of Washington, Missouri, officials gained public support for bonds to fund the largest public works project in the city’s history, with KCI winning the bid for the construction. The plant is classified as a “compact plant” because the plant footprint is fairly small compared to other facilities. Due to the need to treat 4 MGD and eventually 6 MGD on a restricted site, the plant was designed as a Vertical Loop Reactor system which was the first of its kind built in Missouri. Additionally, the new plant includes a “cannibal”…

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Creve Coeur Pump Station

An aging pump station needed replacement due to general deterioration and because it was undersized for future growth in the area. The new pump station, situated on the same site as the existing station, was a few hundred feet from Creve Coeur Lake and at 40 feet deep is approximately 30 feet below the water table. KCI developed a sheetpile shoring system with internal walers and tie-backs, and coupled that with a dewatering system utilizing 14 deep wells that ran around the clock for ten weeks. After sheetpile installation, the entire site was vibrocompated prior to excavation, and the pump…

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Holcim Mill & Corrective Additives Foundations

The new cement plant along the Mississippi River in Ste. Genevieve was developed on a 1,700 acre site to ultimately produce four million metric tons of cement annually. KCI was selected to construct the first concrete package consisting of foundations for the Clinker Cooler Structure, four Cement Mills, two Raw Mills and two Coal Mills. All of these structures were excavated into solid rock and constructed with over 19,000 cubic yards of concrete and 1,400 tons of rebar, over an approximate 9 month duration with over 100 KCI tradesmen on site at one time. Additionally, KCI installed the equipment foundations…

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Lakeside 370 Levee Pump Stations

Despite almost 9 months of politically related delays prior to starting work, KCi began work in fall of 2005 on two new pump stations to accommodate the new 100-year levee being installed to facilitate new development. Construction of the two concrete pump stations was completed in the 12-month schedule, while dealing with a constantly flooding site directly underneath high-voltage power transmission lines. One station was built into the new 100-year levee built by others, and one station was cut into the 30-year Dardenne Creek farm levee. “I would like to thank KCI Construction for the teamwork demonstrated in the construction…

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Lower Meramec Lift Station

It isn’t uncommon to build a 20-story structure in St. Louis. It is uncommon to END at grade instead of beginning there. KCI did just that, building two concrete shafts to over 200 feet below grade to pump to a new wastewater treatment plant. This unique project offered constructability and scheduling problems, but also included safety challenges involved in deep, vertical construction. All access for construction was from the “top”, with all workers being hoisted to their work elevations via cranes and man baskets, at one point requiring 13 cranes around a single 90-foot diameter shaft. “We thank KCI for…

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AVCRAD Phase 3A Addition

84,000 SF addition to the existing Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot in Springfield, MO, which includes new helicopter maintenance facilities for wiring, electronics and navigations.  Additional spaces include maintenance instruction, mobilization, operations and flight, and was built to accommodate an additional future readiness center.

Cox College Renovation

Renovation of the 52,600 square foot Cox College School of Nursing, performed over a 3-phase schedule within a one-year time frame.  Renovations included MEP systems, interior finishes, windows, and a new atrium stairway constructed of architectural concrete.

BCT-3 South Phase 2 Dining Facility (DFAC)

In recent years the Federal Government has followed a trend of setting aside construction projects for small, disadvantaged, minority or veteran owned businesses. KCI Construction does not fit those classifications, and as a result teams with a business that does fit the classification. This was the first successful teaming arrangement, as KCI and Donald Maggi were awarded this small-business set-aside summer of 2013. Upgrades and realignment at the Ft. Leonard Wood Army Base necessitated this facility, for dining by 1,300 soldiers stationed in the new BCT-3 South Barracks. The single story building is simple construction of concrete foundations, steel frame,…

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Greystone Condominium Exterior Improvements

On a 15-story, 1920’s circa building, the original concrete balconies had deteriorated to a point that they were unsafe for use. Initial evaluation of the decks indicated less than 5% spalling of the balconies, but upon demolition it was discovered that some decks had over 50% deteriorated concrete. Thus, the levels were replaced one at a time to accommodate safety concerns and forming systems, and to allow owner use of remaining balconies in summer months that construction took place. All new balconies were architecturally stamped, stained and sealed and provided with new architectural painted handrails, and the underside of the…

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Carondelet Recreation Complex

Certified as a LEED Silver project, the Carondelet Recreation Complex is a full service recreational facility, enjoying meeting room, classroom, fitness, natatorium and gymnasium spaces. The facility also includes an exterior plunge pool, lazy river and tot pool facilities which include several play devices for preschool and grade school children. Athletic endeavors are rounded out with a softball field in near proximity, and the entire complex is situated within a local city park. Facilities are on two levels allowing for substantial indoor running track capability. The original pricing was substantially over the owner’s budget which allowed a joint value-engineering effort….

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Brady Commons Addition

This addition to the existing student center was the first phase of the complete renovation of the existing facility, and included selective demolition, site improvements and the addition of a new four-level concrete structure. To facilitate construction, we were required to provide shoring to support the existing and fully occupied two level building, which was just five feet from the new structure. The schedule was maintained despite numerous owner initiated changes to ensure the building was complete by the Christmas Break, so that the owner could maintain revenue levels for the bookstore that exceed $100 million annually.

Virginia Avenue South Student Housing

After ten years of record-breaking enrollment and a consequent increased demand for on-campus housing, Mizzou approved plans for a new 330 bed dormitory, just south of the Virginia Avenue Housing and Dining Complex. KCI was the successful bidder on this 5-story community-style hall, which includes 20 percent single rooms and 80 percent double rooms. Construction is challenged by the installation of a new steam manhole and chase nestled between, over and under existing utilities within a confined area of the site. The project will utilize a dovetailed metal floor deck as the exposed finish ceiling on thousands of square feet…

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Schweitzer Hall Addition

Historic Schweitzer Hall is key to the University of Missouri fulfilling the campus and system commitment to research, instruction and external funding in the area of Medical and Life Sciences. This project allowed critically needed laboratory spaces near clinics to be vacated, and through consolidation of the Biochemistry faculty, enhanced the productivity of the notably successful UMC Department of Biochemistry. The building addition included a bridge to the original building and was constructed of a structural steel frame with limestone veneer and slate roof to match the existing building. Additionally, underpinning of the existing building was required to install the…

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MAE Addition & Renovation

The renovation and expansion of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering complex was renamed Toomey Hall upon completion, based on the lead $5 million gift from John and Mary Toomey. The modernization renovated the existing 66,500 square foot building, and replaced the outdated Mechanical Engineering Annex – built in 1902 – with a modern addition. The new three-story steel framed addition of 80,500 sf was built next to the existing building which remained in service, and then upon completion the classes were moved into the new space to allow for renovation of the existing building. A three-story atrium connects the two…

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CBRN Response Training Facility

The CBRN Response Training Facility occupies approximately 40 acres and provides an unmatched state-of-the-art training facility for all authorized response agencies. The US Army Chemical School is the Department of Defense lead for Joint CBRN Response Training. The project involved multiple buildings in a town setting, with construction varying between structural stud frame with masonry & insulated panel veneer, and pre-engineered structures. Portions of the project were awarded via the design-build method, with KCI and Black & Veatch teaming. Buildings provide classrooms, office space, labs, after-action review rooms, and decontamination training bays. Underground tunnels connect the buildings of the Urban…

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BJC North Garage Expansion

BJC Hospital in St. Louis was out of parking spaces on their ever expanding campus, and one solution was to expand the North Garage built by KCI in 2001. The new garage was built on drilled piers, with the new entry ramp and three parking levels being constructed of cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete. Precast panels were salvaged from the original garage and reinstalled on the new facade. Additional spaces were opened in the existing garage with completion of an adjacent asphalt surface lot for valet services. Construction was completed in eleven months, while working in the middle of a busy hospital…

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Loop Trolley Maintenance Facility

The project consists of Renovation and historic restoration of the building at 5875-5893 Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis. The completed work will provide the owner with a renovated building modified for the Loop Trolley Maintenance & Storage Facility and first floor office space. Work includes historic renovation of the southern facade, complete demolition of interior components, underpinning existing brick walls, and installation of new recessed trolley car maintenance bays, to facilitate the trolley system being installed by KCI Construction under separate contract.

Sunvilla Tower Renovation

Sunvilla Tower was built in 1963 as an 18-story high-rise luxury apartment building, and remained the tallest in Springfield until 1987. In 1976 Missouri State acquired the property and 2 acres of land, and had performed various renovations and improvements over the years. This latest renovation will install fire suppression system throughout the building, allowing them to place the apartment kitchens back in service. Additional renovations include aesthetic enhancements with new doors and painting, as well as exterior sealing/tuckpointing, and mechanical & electrical upgrades.

Columbia Public Library

To make way for a new library, KCI was hired to demolish the majority of the existing facility, leaving little more than a portion of the foundation and one wall. The new facility was then built around these remaining elements, with design provided by internationally renowned architect Hardy Holtzman. The project was initially awarded with major portions of the exterior excluded, and subsequently KCI and Hardy Holtzman worked together to provide the designed building skin within the owner’s budget. The facility consists of administrative offices and library space, constructed of two stories of masonry, steel and structural timbers.

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