We are constantly looking for quality people to join the KCI family! If you are interested in pursuing a position with us, please click on the following link to complete a quick profile and attach your resume. KCI is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.
Profile Link

If you are a union tradesperson interested in employment, please contact Justin Stanford at 314.581.2193 or via e-mail at jstanford@kciconstruction.com.

Subcontractors & Suppliers

Although we self-perform as much work as possible on our projects, we can’t do it all, and need quality subcontractors and suppliers to help us out! And because we don’t know everyone that is out there, please complete the Bid List Addition Request form and return to us for inclusion in our solicitation system.

We try to keep things simple with the motto “If you need more than a two page contract to do business with someone, you probably shouldn’t be doing business with them!” But because our lawyers say we have to, we do have Subcontracts for those that perform work on site, and Material Subcontracts for those that provide material to a project. We’ve attached those forms for your review, if you’re interested.
Subcontract Form
Material Subcontract Form

How to Find Us

If you’d like to come by and visit us in person, we’d love to see you!

You can find us at
10315 Lake Bluff Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123