St. Louis County Courts Project

The existing County Courts building, built in the late 1960’s, was reviewed in 2008 by a Blue Ribbon Panel that subsequently determined a need for major upgrades to the crumbling and outdated facility. After years of political debates and voter rejection of funding measures, KCI was selected in September 2013 as the Best Value to construct the renovations and additions. KCI received the highest technical score for the design-build proposal, and is teamed with Fentress Architects as the lead design firm. The project of approximately 380,000 square feet will consolidate the Family Court, including Juvenile Detention, with the Circuit Court…

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Page Olive Connector

KCI submitted the highest scored technical proposal for this design-build project, and also submitted the lowest initial bid that was 10% under budget. We then worked with the owner to further enhance the project without cost increase. The project consists of a six-lane highway comprised of 60% bridges and 40% pavement above the area floodplain. KCI’s design-build team was prepared upon project award, and began construction three months after award, working through the harsh winter of 2010 and subsequently achieving project completion months ahead of schedule. We exceeded the workforce diversity and DBE subcontracting goals, while working over 150,000 manhours…

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Mid-Campus Graham-Defoe Housing

KCI teamed with IAA for this design-build residential housing project at University of Missouri, and was selected for this challenging, fast-paced project based on overall value to the owner. IAA and KCI developed design documents from the bridging documents supplied by the owner, to construct 190,000 square feet of new space and 80,000 square feet of renovation, of which 90% is residential dorm space. Due to constraints of a two-year schedule and tight budget, a low-cost and fast-paced construction of structural stud framing and slab-on-decks was chosen, with a brick and EIFS facade. With special working hours at times to…

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Ft. Leonard Wood Training Barracks Upgrade 09

KCI teamed with IAA on this design-build project that included renovations and additions to Barracks 816, 817 and 818, as well as Dining Facility 820 and Battalion Headquarters 822. The LEED Silver project, which was awarded to our team based on the Best Value to the government, included seismic rehabilitation, progressive collapse mitigation and ATFP measures. Renovation was based on complete demo of building interiors, as well as repairs & replacement of masonry veneer and exterior windows and roofing. Site improvements included typical utilities and sidewalks, as well as over 5000 feet of ATFP barrier concrete wall and force protection…

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Drug Enforcement Agency Building

The local branch of the Drug Enforcement Agency was spread out over several offices around the St. Louis metropolitan area, and needed to consolidate into one facility. KCI teamed with developer Harwood and Associates and designer Cannon Design to design, construct and lease to GSA a new state-of-the-art facility to accomplish this goal. This five story steel frame & precast building sits above a two story underground parking garage. The majority of the building houses office space, and is a high security building with restricted gate access for vehicles and all but the entrance door controlled by card reader access.

UMSL West Campus Parking Garage

The University of Missouri – St. Louis gave preliminary design/build guidelines with layouts and their budget, giving teams flexibility to come up with innovative ways to deal with vehicle circulation and appearance. Original plans called for 626 parking spaces, but KCI offered a plan with 670 spaces. Instead of an average garage, our team designed a front entrance that created an architectural tie-in to the campus with a precast, two-story arched entrance, a portico with serpentine wall and an attention-getting green canopy roof. All of this was provided while beating the owner’s budget by almost $500,000. “The custom-designed parking garage…

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