Manchester Road Utility Relocations

As part of a larger $30 Million project being performed by KCI Construction, our utility crews work to stay ahead of the road reconstruction crews by relocating and improving sewer and drainage systems over a 4-mile stretch of busy 4-lane Route 100 in central St. Louis County.

Blanchette Bridge Rehabilitation

The eastbound I-70 bridge over the Missouri River in St. Charles was opened in 1978 and was in need of improvements when KCI was awarded the rehabilitation project in 2020. The majority of the work was to be completed in two phases over an aggressive 9 month schedule, and included expansion joint replacement, steel structure repairs, barrier wall enhancements, sealing the bridge deck and full structure repainting.

Poplar Street Bridge Widening

In order to alleviate congestion and improve the structure to lengthen it’s life, this unique project will accomplish both in roughly two years. The project includes complete replacement of the ramp from I-44 to the Poplar Street Bridge, removal of the asphalt surface on the PSB and replacing it with concrete paving, structurally tying the eastbound and westbound bridges together, widening the elevated sections of Eastbound I-64 and Route 3 South, and adding 9′-0″ to the PSB width. To complicate the project, this 9′-0″ is added between the EB and WB bridges, accomplished by sliding the entire 2,000 foot long…

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Jefferson & I-64 Improvements

Downtown St. Louis development of a soccer stadium and NGA headquarters necessitated this project for the area, and KCI was tasked with building a new 22 nd Street interchange over I-64, replacement of Ewing Ave bridge, and new exit and entrance ramps for I-64. Work takes place next to and over active I-64 traffic, Metrolink and Amtrak tracks and the Union Station parking lot and includes 125,000 CY earthwork and 25,000 SY of concrete pavement.

Metro Downtown Transit Center

This project expands the Civic Center Transit Station in downtown St. Louis, where about 8,000 people board Metro buses and the MetroLink every day. The scope of the project included demolition of the existing station that could only accommodate 6 buses, allowing now for 14 buses at a time, while also improving ADA access to the MetroLink station, and adding a building that will house public restrooms, a waiting area, concessions area and a security substation.

I-44 Bridges Over Meramec River

Due to increasing traffic volumes in the area and the deterioration of the 1950’s era construction, in 2018 KCI was awarded the project to replace two bridges over the Meramec River near Fenton, MO.  This project includes new bridges over the river, replacement of the EB and WB Watson Road bridges, a new ramp from I-270 South to I-44 West, addition of a pedestrian bridge over the Meramec River, and general traffic flow improvements for one of the busiest interchanges in the St. Louis area.

Deer Creek Pump Station

Construction of 1 Wet Well and 2 Dry Wells, each 180 feet deep and 36 foot diameter, inside shafts drilled and shotcreted by others, to facilitate pumping storm and sanitary flows. Dry Well and Wet Well Buildings top the 3 shafts, with associated electrical, mechanical systems and controls for a new pump station site in Shrewsbury, MO.

Cape Girardeau Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City of Cape Girardeau was outgrowing the wastewater plant built in 1962, and due to sinkholes that developed in the area of the existing plant, expansion was not feasible. In July 2012, KCI was the low bidder on the new plant and began construction in August 2012 on the plant with capacity of 11 Million Gallons per Day during dry weather and 50 MGD during wet weather. The new facility includes a 40 foot deep Influent Pump Station, Screening and Grit Removal operations, and a 250 foot square Sequencing Batch Reactor, UV Disinfection, Sludge Storage and Processing facility, and…

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Palm Sewer Replacement

An arched concrete sewer built in 1930 was in need of replacement after numerous repairs throughout the years were also failing. KCI was the successful low bidder on the project to replace this sewer with a new 18′-0″ by 14′-4″ reinforced concrete arch sewer, located at the Terminus of Branch Street on the West Bank of the Mississippi River in north St. Louis. The project schedule required completion within two years, as work was dependent on the river being below stage 10, which historically only happens a few months each year. Construction started with temporary shoring installation, excavation and demolition…

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Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

Site preparation on the 50 acre site included substantial timber clearing and over 40 foot of fill work, and in spite of the earthwork being accomplished over the winter months, progress has continued to allow for an anticipated delivery as scheduled in April of 2014. The Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMF) will provide LEED Silver facilities for the maintenance and repair of various operational vehicles which also includes equipment storage, parts storage and administration space. The complex includes seven separate buildings that are a combination of pre-engineered metal buildings, load bearing masonry and steel framing. Site development includes construction of…

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