BCT-3 South Phase 2 Dining Facility (DFAC)

In recent years the Federal Government has followed a trend of setting aside construction projects for small, disadvantaged, minority or veteran owned businesses. KCI Construction does not fit those classifications, and as a result teams with a business that does fit the classification. This was the first successful teaming arrangement, as KCI and Donald Maggi were awarded this small-business set-aside summer of 2013. Upgrades and realignment at the Ft. Leonard Wood Army Base necessitated this facility, for dining by 1,300 soldiers stationed in the new BCT-3 South Barracks. The single story building is simple construction of concrete foundations, steel frame, masonry veneer and standing seam roofing.

Size: 29,771 SF

Owner: Army Corps of Engineers

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $5,670,000

Delivery Method: Bid Build

Completion: December 2014

Designer: Clark Nexsen Architecture & Engineering