BJC Forest Park Parkway Improvements

With the new campus expansion of BJC Hospital in St. Louis will come additional traffic, and previously Forest Park Parkway (FPP) running under Kingshighway created traffic jams at FPP and Euclid. This project aimed to alleviate those jams and improve traffic flow, by raising FPP to become an at-grade intersection with Kingshighway. FPP was completely closed to traffic for the 9 month project duration, but Kingshighway was required to remain open for the duration. Project scope included a new pedestrian tunnel to access Forest Park, raising grade for the new FPP pavement, and filling under the existing Kingshighway bridge with flowable fill to ensure all voids under it were filled in. New concrete paving, sidewalks, landscaping and traffic signals will complete this intersection that is key to BJC and the City of St. Louis.

Size: 0.2 miles

Owner: BJC

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $6,978,000

Delivery Method: Bid Build

Completion: August 2017

Designer: MoDOT/MVVA

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