Lafferre Hall Addition

Lafferre Hall is home to the College of Engineering on the University of Missouri Campus, and when built in 1892 was one of the first Engineering schools west of the Mississippi River. The building received additions in 1922 and 1935 and again in 2007, when KCI was selected for this project. The project includes renovation of 25,000 square feet of existing space and 60,000 square foot addition in a three-story concrete-framed building. The pan deck frame received structural stud and brick/stone veneer to match the original building and subsequent additions. When construction began in 2007, initial excavations revealed an underground “river” of groundwater as well as lack of foundations under the original building. These challenges were addressed and the project completed to include general classroom and laboratory space.

Size: 85,000 SF

Owner: University of Missouri - Columbia KCI Role

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $17,515,000

Delivery Method: Bid Build

Completion: August 2009

Designer: The Clark Enerson Partners

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