MSD ORS Phase II Gate Replacement

A system of levees, floodwalls and pump stations along the Mississippi River in St. Louis protect the City from river flooding, but at the same time facilitate the need for storm water to be pumped out of the City sewer systems.  KCI was deemed the best value to replace a small portion of this system, and in 2020 began design to replace 12 stainless steel roller gates, 5 slide gates, and 2 bar screens at the Riverview and Baden Pump Stations in North St. Louis.  Work included structure reinforcing, replacement of 21 gate actuators, and coordination with volatile river levels and storm drainage conditions over the course of the one year installation work.

Size: 19 Flood Control Gates

Owner: MSD

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $9,500,000

Delivery Method: Design/Build

Completion: December 2022

Designer: Stantec

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