Poplar Street Bridge Widening

In order to alleviate congestion and improve the structure to lengthen it’s life, this unique project will accomplish both in roughly two years. The project includes complete replacement of the ramp from I-44 to the Poplar Street Bridge, removal of the asphalt surface on the PSB and replacing it with concrete paving, structurally tying the eastbound and westbound bridges together, widening the elevated sections of Eastbound I-64 and Route 3 South, and adding 9′-0″ to the PSB width. To complicate the project, this 9′-0″ is added between the EB and WB bridges, accomplished by sliding the entire 2,000 foot long Eastbound bridge at one time to make room for it!

Size: 2,500 feet long

Owner: MoDOT

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $55,628,000

Delivery Method: Bid Build

Completion: May 2019

Designer: HNTB