KCI Construction Company began in 1922 as a carpentry construction firm named Kloster Company. Kloster Company concentrated on schools, churches, and single family homes in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, adding concrete and other types of construction to the firm’s capabilities through the direction of the founder, Charles Kloster.

In 1955 Mr. Kloster’s two sons joined the firm and expanded the direction of the company by adding hospital construction to their list of capabilities, and incorporated the new company name of Kloster Construction.

Barney and George Kloster lead the firm until the third transition started in 1984 to a group that included Karl Kloster, George Kloster Jr., Kevin Kloster, Richard Grebel and Doug Jones. While maintaining the original focus and expertise of self-performed carpentry and concrete work, this new group again realigned the firm’s direction to include sewer, heavy concrete, deep foundation, highway and bridge construction. At the same time, the area of operation was expanded outside of St. Louis County to include eastern Missouri.

By 1995 there were no longer any Kloster’s in company ownership, and the company changed its name to the presently known KCI Construction Company.

Current owners Tom Huster and Brent Krueger remain committed to the company direction of quality general, concrete and carpentry construction, all of which we take pride in self performing. Additionally, we expanded our capabilities in 2016 to include earthwork and utilities, performing this work on KCI projects and for other contractors in the area.

While KCI continues to build our reputation as a self-perform contractor, the company has evolved over the years to provide complete construction services as a project dictates. We boast experience as a self-performing general contractor, a construction manager, and a design-builder. Our diverse capabilities and stable force of union tradespersons allow us to work successfully on many different types of projects, and has resulted in an exemplary record of quality and complete customer satisfaction.