Lakeside 370 Levee Pump Stations

Despite almost 9 months of politically related delays prior to starting work, KCi began work in fall of 2005 on two new pump stations to accommodate the new 100-year levee being installed to facilitate new development. Construction of the two concrete pump stations was completed in the 12-month schedule, while dealing with a constantly flooding site directly underneath high-voltage power transmission lines. One station was built into the new 100-year levee built by others, and one station was cut into the 30-year Dardenne Creek farm levee.

“I would like to thank KCI Construction for the teamwork demonstrated in the construction of the Pump Stations.”
Mike Yerion, Project Manager – City of St. Peters

Size: 2 pump stations

Owner: City of St. Peters

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $5,400,000

Delivery Method: Bid Build

Completion: December 2006

Designer: Jacobs

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