Mid-Campus Graham-Defoe Housing

KCI teamed with IAA for this design-build residential housing project at University of Missouri, and was selected for this challenging, fast-paced project based on overall value to the owner. IAA and KCI developed design documents from the bridging documents supplied by the owner, to construct 190,000 square feet of new space and 80,000 square feet of renovation, of which 90% is residential dorm space. Due to constraints of a two-year schedule and tight budget, a low-cost and fast-paced construction of structural stud framing and slab-on-decks was chosen, with a brick and EIFS facade. With special working hours at times to accommodate student relations, and only one entrance to the site which was along a main pedestrian and vehicle thoroughfare on campus, maintaining a tight schedule was a challenge. However, KCI and IAA worked through all challenges with the owner, and turned over two of the four buildings ahead of schedule.

Size: 270,000 SF

Owner: University of Missouri - Columbia

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $46,800,000

Delivery Method: Design Build

Completion: August 2009

Designer: International Architects Atlier