Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

Site preparation on the 50 acre site included substantial timber clearing and over 40 foot of fill work, and in spite of the earthwork being accomplished over the winter months, progress has continued to allow for an anticipated delivery as scheduled in April of 2014.

The Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMF) will provide LEED Silver facilities for the maintenance and repair of various operational vehicles which also includes equipment storage, parts storage and administration space. The complex includes seven separate buildings that are a combination of pre-engineered metal buildings, load bearing masonry and steel framing.

Site development includes construction of new asphalt & concrete streets, miles of sanitary sewer and water services, Bio-containment structures and a 5 acre lined retention pond complete with wet land plantings. 13″ thick concrete hardstand area includes approximately 600,000 SF of paved area and 315,000 sf of asphalt.

Size: 55,000 SF

Owner: Army Corps of Engineers

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $31,730,000

Delivery Method: Bid Build

Completion: April 2014

Designer: Army Corps of Engineers