UMSL West Campus Parking Garage

The University of Missouri – St. Louis gave preliminary design/build guidelines with layouts and their budget, giving teams flexibility to come up with innovative ways to deal with vehicle circulation and appearance. Original plans called for 626 parking spaces, but KCI offered a plan with 670 spaces. Instead of an average garage, our team designed a front entrance that created an architectural tie-in to the campus with a precast, two-story arched entrance, a portico with serpentine wall and an attention-getting green canopy roof. All of this was provided while beating the owner’s budget by almost $500,000.

“The custom-designed parking garage KCI built on our campus has exceeded our expectations aesthetically and functionally.”
Blanche Touhill, Chancellor, University of Missouri – St. Louis

Size: 670 cars 4 levels

Owner: University of Missouri - St. Louis

KCI Role: General Contractor

Value: $9,080,000

Delivery Method: Design Build

Completion: May 1999

Designer: Tom Brooks-Pilling / SSE

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